Getting Started

I’ve been in Ghana for about a week now, and though I’m still settling in, I’ve already had the opportunity to start work on my project.

While I was in Accra, I visited the Kathy Knowles Library, the first project started by the Osu Children’s Library Fund.

002 (2)

Kathy Knowles is a fellow Canadian from Winnipeg who started this project in 1991 and has been expanding it ever since. Joanna Felih, the head librarian at the Kathy Knowles library, gave me lots of great advice about introducing books to Ghanaian children and invited me to participate in an adult literacy class the following day. I was on hand to help Theresa, an adult who hadn’t been to school since age 6 or 7, write her name for the first time.


I find it inspiring and reassuring to witness successful programs like this in action. There are many such projects scattered throughout Ghana, mostly working in isolation from each other. I’m hoping to learn as much as I can from them, and eventually share my own successes with them in turn.


OCLF also publishes a line of children’s and beginner adult books written especially for Ghanaians. I’ve already purchased a couple and am hoping to get more later (funding permitting.)


Now that I’m settling in to Kumasi, my next step is to talk to educators here and begin designing the nuts and bolts of the reading and writing program. I’ll keep you posted!


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